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Chris' Accomplishments on JCPS Board of Education

The district’s new call center/help line for parents and the community provides one-stop assistance so stakeholders don’t get lost in the system.

State Audit
Chris and others called for a state audit that has become a catalyst for improvement at the district; and the roadmap for getting our district back on the pathway to success.  

Camp Edwards Early Childhood Education Center
I pushed for JCPS to purchase the shuttered Presbyterian Community Center and repurpose it to provide much needed resources to an underserved area.  

Ten-Point Grading Scale
Chris moved for the grade scale to allow our children to have equal opportunities for Kentucky scholarships to state colleges and universities.  

JCPS Website
The new and more efficient JCPS website redesigned wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t made it a priority for the district.


Increase Student Achievement in PLA Schools

Chris wants to recruit successful administrators to persistently low-achieving (PLA) schools by providing them a four year agreement that would give them more flexibility within JCPS rules and a pay incentive.  Also, these principals will have a greater say in how educators are assigned to their schools in order to assemble the strongest transformation team.  Chris wants to find innovative ways to attract and retain the best teachers in these priority schools.  JCPS and JCTA have explored this in the past and much more should be done to expand this model.  Other school systems have had success with similar methods.

Consistent Policy and Better Parental Resources Regarding Bullying 

Although JCPS has an official bullying policy, Chris believes enforcement is confusing and inconsistent.  Additionally, he wants JCPS to revise the current policy to be more clear and concise in order to provide better resources for schools, students and parents. 

Effectively Using and Preparing for New Technologies

E-textbooks are the future and JCPS must prepare for their arrival.  There are various pilots in JCPS, however Chris strongly believes there needs to be a centralized program focusing on how this technology can meet the needs of the schools, teachers and students while taking into account the capabilities of e-textbooks.  As an example, a first generation Kindle does not allow color content, sound, or video; all of which are required for future e-textbooks.  Additionally, new classroom methods which rely on technology should be explored such using the Khan Academy and using the flipped classroom method.  As technology becomes more prevelant in our school system, we must find ways to overcome the impact of the digital divide on our students.  

Provide Better Content for Parents

JCPS provides parents with a great deal of information, however there is an opportunity for information to be better organized for ease of use.  For example, some JCPS maps are hard to read because they were not created with the parent in mind.  JCPS website navigation and content should be more consistent and less confusing.  JCPS can provide information more effectively and concisely.